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233# last day!!

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Dec. 10th, 2009 | 09:45 am
location: Office!
mood: geekygeeky
music: Love, Me - Collin Raye

finally today's like the last day of the somewhat internet fast. i realised the fast's got ten thousand loopholes. hahaa! the main thg's just that i cant be surfin net on my lappy at home but that didnt really mean i didnt get online! the first day i went on msn but appeared offline. HAA! yday i stayed out so i cant get my hands on my lappy, i got on the internet, kinda? hahaa! sher, ili and i met up and we were checkin out fb -.-
yday was SUPER! it's been awhile since we rotted ard like that but it has its side-effects, towards the later half i felt like we were becomin dumber. w we i meant me and sher. hahaa! bad influence from ili. lol. AND HIS CAT IS FREAKIN VIOLENT! V-I-O-L-E-N-T! i still like the fat one. hahaa! its stupidity reminds me of my dog. hahaa! i think they'l make great friends, sheddin tons of fur together.

i just got another friend callin me weird but it's in the 'friendly' way kinda tone. and i'm like thinkin, 'SHIT! am i so weird?' mayb it's the way i take thgs? like how i can just roll eyes and laugh over the fact that i am havin a bad day at work for almost every single day for a while now or the fact that i get super paranoid over 'unfamiliar' ppl. i mean, isnt that like the way to go? it's alr bad enough and i cant be makin it worse by broodin? i think takin it w a pinch of salt helps thgs a GREAT deal. i'm in a bad enough situation, i dont need to make it worse. hahaa! i dont knoe if i'm strong or just thick-skinned. i hope it's the former. bein paranoid over 'unfamiliar' ppl, isnt that NORMAL as well?!! how can you trust somebod you barely knoe?!

still. i think evrythg's been bearable so far 'cos there are ppl ard me, not just any ppl but FRIENDS! those that i found courage to talk to, those that spent time 'foolin' ard of me, as much as this sounds mushy, i was reaaaally grateful. if twas before i'd prolly cry over it at night and just move on but this time? not a single drop of tears, somehow i rmb adel.h's "it's not worth cryin over it", tho i'm sure she meant sth else. hahaa! and partly 'cos i'm fastin, my brain's focusin more on the stomach. hahaa!

this post feels a tad too sensitive to be public. hahaa! but heck!

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