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239# all hail pms

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Dec. 30th, 2009 | 03:56 pm
location: Office
mood: contemplativecontemplative
music: Tongue Tied - Faber Drive

it's like full force pms this few days.. it really doesnt help that stupid tiong at work's pissin me off -.- well, he can be worse but it's gotten better these days. i cant stand ppl who reads over somebod's shoulder, esp MINE! and as if that's not bad enough he puts his space so close and he is SMELLY! i hate smelly ppl la! IRRITATIN! and i am totally the hypocritehospi girl, i can be so pissed and still smile.

i feel like i did more work today but actually it wasnt anythg much as well. msged sep the whole day, whn did we become so close again, irritatin, go away. HAHAA! later my eyes become small like yours. lol. that woman is turnin me lesbian. HAHAAA~! at first we were talkin abt norm thgs, and somehow we digressed, i think it started w agyness deyn bein hot, whats new. SHE IS REALLY HOT. anws, then sep was like, "are you bi?" and we seriously thot abt it and concluded we merely wanna date girls, nth further. like wth but yes, sep is open for datin!! bungs pls apply. hahaa.. preferably w hot bung friends so we can do double date. LOL. we simply dont grow up, do we? but it was really funny and that girl isnt as blur as she seems. what she said abt the guy yday seriously hit bull's eye. hahaa! why didnt i rmb?

i hafnt done my e-journal!!! diediedie and tonight still avatar-ing w sher.. woohoo!!! cant wait to watch, it BETTER be good. lol. we're gon go collect our cert, find some food then MOVIEEEE~! it's been awhile since we 'dated'. LOL. hopefully i'm not too shagged aft the movie, i kinda wanna do my e-journal tonight. more like i HAVE to -.- gotta forsake mambo tonight =(( wanted to go so bad, cos APPARENTLY it's kor's last but i think i'm pretty burnt, so i better rest, last night was alr bad enough i dont wanna imagine what'l happen durin party. i think my head will really explode if i continue to stay out tonight. hoho. last night it was alr pretty bad whn we were dimsum-ing, plus i only slpt 2 hours last night, better stay home. hahaa.

it'll be 2010 soon, payday soon, like tmr?! WOOHOO! SHOPPPPPINNNNN~! i wanna dye my hair, do online shoppin, buy groceries to cook, manymany!! and TRY to save.

hmm.. can anyone be too lazy for it?? is it scary?

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