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241# bring it on 2010

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Jan. 4th, 2010 | 11:04 pm
location: sofa
mood: apatheticapathetic

like seriously, nth gd has happened it 2010, like nth, i cant think of anythg. first it was grandma and now my grandpa has decided to hop on the wagon and is in hosp now. he's been in a veg state since forever but this shospitalisation sounded serious like before, all i knoe's that his organs have ceased to function. whats gon happen now, i really dont knoe. i am alr bothered enough w my grandma. for my grandpa this time i think the one who'll be affected most's prolly daddy, i am in no state to handle the family now, really not now. it's alr tirin enough tryin to act normal whn i'm outside, in front of ppl but whn i'm alone it's difficult to run away from the reality.

i totally dont knoe how bad can 2010 get, these gotta be the worst. i cant rmb why but o9 was really good and fast.. boo.. whatever, i am just watchin zero but nth's goin in. rahh.. i want an endless time to stone. prayin hard that my mumps dont happen again, it feels like my salivary gland's infected again, it's slightly swollen and bloody painful.

all i can do's complain these days, how excitin life is -.-

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