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Jan. 5th, 2010 | 04:40 pm
location: Office
mood: workingworking
music: Ta Hai Bu Dong - S.H.E.

am like tryin to do tidyin up in the office. finally, the day has come for the end of internship but somehow i'm not really glad. of cos i am excited but it just feels wrong. i kinda feel like stayin on, tho i'l prolly be more of a hindrance than help xP the internship grades prolly wont be that great but i enjoyed the 5mths. despite all the shit in 2010, this is prolly the best outta evrythg sadly -.-

the prev posts prolly hafnt been too positive or 'smiley' but i am fine! there were some who came and asked in a subtle but pretty cute way cos they prolly felt it was inconvenient to probe. kx did but really i only knoe how to handle it alone, i prolly wont knoe how to share. unless you're weird like sepig, then mayb.. i actually 'talked' to one of my friends on msn and for once was really truthful abt how i felt and i just brokedown but aft that, the feelin was great, i felt like i could go on =DD

i dont wanna suddenly plunge into an abyss of emo, that isnt me but i dont want ppl to suddenly start fussin over me as well. there were some who made sure they checked on me regularly. thanks but i am not abt to slit my wrist and i am really unappreciative whn we were never close to start w. now's really not the time i wanna be playin nice.

i am gettin quite pissed w the whole mysterious thg, i think i dont have the energy to play on anymore. i got more thgs i'll wanna focus on.

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