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245# because a lazy day like this could be healin'

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Mar. 6th, 2010 | 03:06 pm
location: bed
mood: curiouscurious
music: Bunkan Cinta Biasa - Afgan

i got CONNED SHER to slp early so we could have our b/f at macs. lol. we were seriously lol-ing like mad last aft the talk abt 'routines' and how we are SO amazed by how ppl can keep to them. we are totally AIBA-kei, the no 'pran' ppl. hahaa! even the b/f was last min decision and to cancel it took like what, 5s? 4s to fully understand the msg and 1s to reply. lol.

somehow the hols been great so far. i think i shud be takin a break from clubbin' i might wanna try havin the slpin pattern of a 'norm' person. i tried last night but i ended up quite pissed cos i kept wakin up evry few hours, like WTF!? bth, i actually felt quite refreshed wakin up at 8am this morn. had a hearty b/f and lazed the morn away. i was kinda thinkin why is the morn like nv-endin?! hahaa! still it's a nice feelin, mayb cos it's a new feelin.

been hangin out w sher quite abit, it's like 2aunties tryin to act young, super hilarious! tryin to maintain contact w sepig, cos apparently i alws end up MIA-ing (pls! she doesnt talk to me online even!! :@). managed to catch up w nsq, totally dont understand how we clique but i guess it works in a really strange way plus that girl stays REALLY near, prolly wait till she's back from viet and we'll supper :D i think i am makin more efforts than before? at least outta my comfort zone, i kinda feel the whole i-dont-wanna-be-ard-ppl feel all over again.. it's like me goin, 'err.. no thanks' in a more subtle way, tryin to avoid ppl. i cant understand why also but i just prefer doin thgs my own way, if i think we shud distance ourselves a lil, mayb thats prolly the only right thg to do at this point of time..

i wanna take pics, NICE pics. somehow i wanna own a high speed cam but then.. i think the cost will be astronomical (sp according to sepig).

isnt this pic just beautiful?

it feels like the result's not impt but the process of breakin. a total contrast compared to reality. at the end of the day if it doesnt matter how we attain our goals, does it matter if we're doin it the 'right' way? are we not constantly decidin whats right and whats wrong but i think more often than not we are decidin whats acceptable and whats NOT acceptable, to the society..

i am supposed to be packin my wardrobe but i think.. mayb that can wait.. =x

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