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255# after this i will be happy.. =D

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May. 10th, 2010 | 01:54 am
mood: determineddetermined
music: Murarisuto - Koyashige

lj's becomin too emo these days.
i hafnt been updatin much too, the bulk came frm intern days.
this shall be the LAST not so happy post, shall end this on a happy note xD

my life feels like it's spirallin downwards again, makin me all lost and aimless again.
it must be the aftereffects of talkin to ili today.
sometimes i dont knoe if i just love to argue or we're really v different in mentality.
i guess i overestimated myself and chose to walk into the deep maze.
now that im inside, i cant find a way out and all i wanna do's give up and continue bein stuck inside w the surroundin totally decomposin.
this is crazy.
this line was etched in my mind since the last service,
"the right thing at the wrong time, is the wrong thing"
it feels so aptly, 'this' has never felt so right before but ahead of me's alot of issues and mayb im just not brave enough.
i thot i'd be courageous enough but.. at the end of the day i am not.
the nxt time shall be the last!
..but is there still a nxt?
after this i will guard (((:

there shall be NO monday blues tmr.
i needa start afresh.
shall start w joggin!!
i ate so much today!
like bk and macs brekkie!
shall start off w 30mins tmr first.
it'l be wake up at human time tmr then jog, bathe and head to gramp's!

i miss berlin!!!
i wanna be ard ppl and be enjoyin and havin fun.
i'm so glad we're meetin on tues!!! :DDDD
enough of the emoness, i just wanna be happy nows!

this is one long ramb of an entry xP

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