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Jul. 25th, 2010 | 06:12 pm

 this space has been almost dead alr. its peak was prolly durin my intern period. i'm actually startin to miss that period, the only part abt that time was prolly cos i felt really restricted by the hours but i felt the freedom aft 6 really well as well. can't have the best of both worlds.

sch may only be three hours per day but i'm alr dreadin it, esp whn the timin clashes bad w my coachin. no joke at all, havin to miss lects for coachin. also, the content's way diff frm htm's, evn the whole mentality of the lecturers are diff. it's like how 'cos htm lecturers are svc ppl, they really knoe how to make 'emselves understood, at least their lang were waaaay better. mktg lecturers' lang are ATROCIOUS! "prowide" and "siilective", WOW! i am speechless, really. 
tbh, twas really demoralisin at first, like kinda regret choosin sth so diff frm htm, like goin to class and becomin more confused than ever is definitely NOT fun at all but still slowly and surely, gotta play catch up and really start understandin. no matter what happens i gotta cross this barrier first, really.

recent happenins aren't helpin much as well. probs w close friends are givin me major headaches as well. there is only so much i can care abt. whn i reach a limit, i will v naturally give up and not bother anymore. i hate how i can give up so much but it might just really be the best solution.

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