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Jan. 5th, 2011 | 03:59 am
mood: weirdweird
music: In My Life - Beatles


one more yr before evrythg's over.
one yr really isnt a v long time.
one yr ago, at this date, i was still intern-ing at UBS.
i'd definitely not imagine myself doin sports again, esp one that will need me to almost forgo the sport i played for more than half of my life.
i'm definitely not as focused and determined as i shld be, feelin' like i threw away three yrs of hardwork just for it but i kinda love the adrenaline rush it gives me.
if i gotta use one word to describe the game it'd prolly be wind.
it's just the impression it gives me.
like the wind, it can go at a comfy speed but once the speed picks up, it just excites me.

in no time, i'ma start lookin' for job like evry other.
idk if i'm really ready but i need to.
i'd actually asked sheryl abt it just a few days ago.
toyin' w a few options, evn wonderin if sim was really a gd choice.
do i still wan' do hospi? there will be so much to catch up on.
if i'm goin back to hotel i'll prolly wan' be part of the Les Clefs d'Or.
definitely no f&b, that is hell..
either way i'm prolly in no state to think now, there's lesson in >8h's time and i am still up! bagus!
the ONLY thg to look forward this sem's the service and biz mod.

mayb i shld have just stopped at dip...

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