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265# lookin' back

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Jan. 10th, 2011 | 02:57 am

never really intended to have it be this way.
feelin' a lil like a natural reaction now.
evrytime i see/hear/read anythg that smells of possible politics, i cringe.
there's this 'kyuu' feelin that my heart experiences.
it's as if my heart stops for awhile.
it shldnt be like that.
i'm not sure why am i so.. afraid?
to me it's startin to feel like i'm offerin myself to be butchered.

ahhh~! the most irritatin part abt frisb: it's startin to feel like sch -.-
there are soooo many thgs to 'study'!
if anybod come tell me it's a dogsports again.
i'm gon' tell 'em then ash's smarter than 'em -.- &*$#*&$#

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