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269# What Are Words

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Mar. 3rd, 2011 | 06:52 pm
location: Home
mood: apatheticapathetic
music: What Are Words - Chris Medina

 omg, i am so addicted to this song, i think it's abt the only thg i hear anymore!
the lyrics are beautiful, maybe 'cos he actually did what he sang.
it just felt more genuine that all the norm lovesongs.
he's a miracle himself, just how much love and courage does he need to make a decision like this?
he's showed the world what 'Love' really is.
all of us think we knoe the meanin' of the word but whn faced w difficult situations, how many of us can really stay steadfast to all our promises of 'Love' and 'Forever'?
nobod evn promises abt 'Forever' anymore?
you can say we 'grown' outta it but truth is, none of us are confident of it anymore.
we're not sure if we can do it and we dont wan' be tied down by it.

just been thinkin' abt stuff more recently..
gosh, thinkin' is a bitch, or mayb i hafnt really work my brain that much before.
it really is strainin' evrytime i get started, i just wan' fall aslp the v same instance *shruggs.
slpin' cant help solve my probs but thinkin' too hard doesnt too, so slpin'd somehow feel like the right thg to do.
w that said, i am not slpin' enough tho.
or more like, i'm slpin' at v bad timings, i'm practically trainin' to become a vamp.
imagine slpin' at almost 6 evry night.
slpin' pattern def screwed! pfft.
time to scoot back to projs. zZzzz..
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