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270# temporary 'shelter'

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Mar. 17th, 2011 | 03:35 am
mood: bouncybouncy
music: Audio Cream

 i alws end up tweetin' non-stop whn i'm proj-ing!
gotta ctrl my twitter spam!
so it's livejournal to the rescue again! ;)

baby said this that day durin' lunch and it made me think quite abit:
"why are we judgin'em? they are exactly the ppl who really needs God. are we goin' to judge'em and deny'em of His Greatness?"
true that, we're all the same in His eyes, so what's w all the bs abt.. ugh.. i dont really wan' talk abt it. for those who even stop for a sec to judge, i guess we needa take a few more secs to reflect on ourselves.
"if dreams were so easily attained, there wld be no happiness to it."

"baby got back!"

"fallin' for imperfections."
strange but it seems like a much more difficult task fallin' for the "perfect" guy. blame it on insecurity or the lack of trust in ppl, we'd alws think thgs are so perfect, all we can do's wait for the "disappointment". sounds irritatin' enough. which reminds me of my belief that it's difficult to fall for "one-dimensional" guys. 1D guys are those w almost only "one-side" to 'em. wldnt it be more interestin' to fall for somebod who's constantly surprisin'/amazin' you w a side of him you've nv see before? w that said, betrayal really doesn't fall w/in the definition of surprise!

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