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272# i'm not ready

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Mar. 21st, 2011 | 04:00 am

 "..i'm only human, but i'll keep tryin" (is this sentence even correct grammatically? 'cos shldnt there be no ',' if there is a but? doesn't matter) just typin' in chunks again. brains are pretty 'flooded' w evrythg.. thinkin' abt a thousand different thgs at the same time. if not for projs i'd really v much wan' stay at home to 'recuperate', get more 'me' time, the lack of it's takin' a toll on me.. mayb i really shld start readin' more too, i can really feel my english goin' down the drain. w the inclusion of hokkien, chinese and whatever rojak languages decoratin' my speech, i'm startin' to wonder if i'm still able to conduct a decent convo in solely pure english! till v recently, i've alws thot i was ready for it but twas until today that i realise i'm not. there's still a part of me that really wan' sore, wan' run wild and be free. the only scary thg's it's on and off. i'd v much love to think that is as norm as it cld be. it's tirin' goin' in a circle but idk why i'm still continuin'. mayb there'll come a time whn i'll finally get sick & tired of it and finally heed her advice. however, some thgs dont change. my A playlist still works whn i'm dwn, discouraged, or basically any not-so-nice moods i'm in. arghh.. it happened again -.- needa edit proj again and it's edit the ENTIRE thg.. might as well redo like that -.- siannnn!

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