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273# final spurt

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Mar. 22nd, 2011 | 04:11 am

 it's finally the last stretch, it's gotta be a 110% sprint or all the sufferings till now will be wasted.
anyhows i just gotta hang on, aft tday, we'll only be left w ONE.
evrybod's puttin' in their best, really no reason for me to slacken off just 'cos i have trg!
waitin' for the report to do editin'd alws the most painful..
the wait's nv-endin!
tryin' to be a lil' diff this time, decided to snooze while waitin'. 
lucky i didnt overslp, w a lil' help frm the piglet.
and there's trg later!
i seriously hope i'll survive! 
gon' be in my specs for sure, def needa get more specs, kinda bored of my current ones.
in fact, i shld get my eyes checked...
gon' end here, still got packin' to be done. fml!

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