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275# parallel lines

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Mar. 22nd, 2011 | 06:58 am

Was wonderin' abt the analogy abt two ppl livin' their lives 'separately', like two parallel lines.
The meanin' of it's to have 'em not interfere in each others' lives but why can't it be companionship instead?
Two ppl not interferin' w each others' lives but alws there beside each other.

It really isn't a gd thg whn your all your classmates are commentin' abt your presence in class.
Obviously i don't realise it but other than those in my grp, i really hafnt seen much of the rest!
I see uol-ers so much often, i might as well trans! -.-
Useless lect again today..
Revision lects are meant to AID muggin' not to inform us that evrythg must be covered..! Tsk.

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