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276# responsibility

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Mar. 23rd, 2011 | 02:26 am

readin' the assignment talkin' abt binge drinkin'.
i guess we're kinda close to the definition of binge drinkers, only diff's we really dont do it that often..
gotta admit that i finally see the reason why amos liked the 'kick' outta it but controls still gotta be undertaken.
no party-ing before ivp, that's a given.
two last nights aft ivp and it'll be muggin' season w the rest.
whn we were talkin' abt flamin'lambo, AK and whatnots.
ohhemmgee, i dont like the sound of 'em.
i'mma avoid at all cost, 'cos i really suspect that they'll be too potent for me.
i needa be clubbin' like how i used to, before i really entered SIM.
daddy gave me the freedom and that bit of responsibility's the only thg i shld give in return..


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