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280# happyday! ;)

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Apr. 3rd, 2011 | 04:01 pm
music: R's rendition of Akireru Kurai Bokura wa Negaou

finally a gd day aft a long time.
well, mayb JUST awhile. hee.
bigwhitetee, comfyadidasshorts. THIS IS LIFE!! :DD
definitely not feelin' the effects of the 'bombs' yst.
one aft another, i prolly hafnt cursed like yst for a long time as well.
evn cjtimes wldnt have beat yst.
but svc yst was prolly the best thg that happened.
entered 'home' w a heavy heart but left feelin' afresh.
so grateful for jaynie's prayers, tbh i was totally like 'woh'! hehs.
still pretty uncomfy w the sddn attn durin' prayers but it really helped.
emmanuel's def whr God wants me.
i knew the moment i went back and i saw the girlies, james shoutin, "PK!", roland's hug, jaynie's gongcha.
ohdear, how to not love these ppl whn they're still so lovin' despite my tired face.
i was totally too tired to evn pretend to smile.
if not for svc, i'd end up prolly do the usual, find a sad drama/vid, cry then ko.
cant wait to load the last ep of bartender w ryo-chan!
omg! hawt of what! miracleboy plus the sexyosakan! FUU!
but sadly i'll have no drama for awhile then :(((
gotta wait for r's new drama w some dog i think.

HAHAA! apparently research has shown that guys 'PMS' too!
evry mth it affects their tempers!
apparently it has to do w the changes of the moon!
whn it's crescent moon, guys are generally less interested in workin', talkin, etc.
hmm.. shall observe in future :p

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