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282# the end is the beginnin'

for some reason the title reminds me of human centipede. YUCKS!
i wan' go travel!
actually i kinda wan' go on mission trip.
seein' rach yst actually struck a cord w me.
i wan' be there and experience first hand.

actually i wan' go shoppin' too..
but DANG! exams are like in less than 3wks!
eh no, actually abt 3wks and i got crazy load to catch up.
this sucks!

it seems like i've changed, not for the better but for worse.
N said it's gettin' tirin' because i'm not doin' what i knoe is right.
mayb i've just been runnin' away frm tough decisions but i knoe i can run away forever.
i really gotta start somewhr and what best to do than to let go of evrythg that i've been holdin' on to so far?
the msg 'came' and it's to let go of evrythg, so evn if it's the hardest thg to do so far, i've gotta just follow thru' and believe in Him.
if twas meant to be, i will find my way back to the ppl, the thgs and the feelings.
needa eat.
Tags: chill, school, thoughts
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