cigarettebutts (cigarettebutts) wrote,


 Joke! Just whn i wan' take a break frm this place, there's a mobile version of it.
Still, it won't change my decision.
Followin' twitter and fb, this is the final one.
I cld still fondly recall how tdidi unknowingly commented on how the username must be a "bad person" judgin' frm the username.
The username actually has a more positive meanin' for me but it neednt matter to others.
This place has served me well.
Times whn i HAD to HUP, times whn i had to act stronger than i really am, this is whr i'd seek as a refuge but i've found another, and it really is time to move on.
I prolly wld still be back to check on the je comms but that'll be more or less abt it.
Smiles ((:
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