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230# it matters

Nov. 16th, 2009 | 02:52 pm
location: command house
mood: contentcontent
music: Hush Hush - PCD

"you dont refill my cup like my prev intern *POUTS*" i think a simple sentence like this really seriously. silly it may sounds but i think it reflects alot abt me as a person. i can choose to think that i am simply unobservant but it is more like, i am gettin far too comfortable in my own tiny lil circle that i dont wanna 'probe' into others' private lives. when i really sit down and think, there are times whn i really dont wanna knoe abt others' probs. i used to give the excuse to myself that i am just respectin their own privacy, like how i'd hate others probin into mine. overtime, it changed into apathy. i dont care for others anymore. i was really thinkin, wont this end up with me failin in teamwork? i used to pride myself as someone who is capable of adaptin in a team, listenin to others' ideas but overtime, i just build a wall ard myself and am happy with daydreamin alone, listenin starts becomin too tired, i merely stare into space while others try to communicate. i dont knoe since when, listenin to others' prob has became a chore, the secrets they let me in on scares me so much i simply shut everyone off. all of these reflection because of a simple sentence, silly me.
i dont want to become someone who feels indifferent to others' feelins, which is why i am actually makin an effort to be more expressive and observant durin this internship. it isnt an issue whereby i dont care abt ppl ard me anymore, to some extent i care too much, i dont want to cross their line of comfort, makin them feel as if i am intrudin into their life but it seems like i was wrong. wherever i've digressed to, it has TOTALLY nth to do with the sentence i started this entry with. still, i am intrigued by all the different ppl that i work with, mayb bein a lil more observant DOES pay :))

back to work + chocpresso (hotchoc+espresso :D)

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Nov. 10th, 2009 | 10:54 am
location: office
mood: fullfull
music: office music

i LOVE my new icon ♥!! but thats outta the point.
i hafnt been able to update for the longest time. i still come online but just duper lazy to post anythg.
i wanted to post the vid of code live BUT the internet at work doesnt have youtube.. so too bad. i was happily spammin din w the diff versions of code. best. lol.
i am actually readin investment bks. lol. just desperate for reads. hahaa!
the last time i really read was before intern started, even my mags have been lyin ard, neglected :((
i finally jogged after a LOOOONG time yday. 'cos of that i'm totally fallin apart today... no good...
it's irritatin 'cos they made napfa COMPULSORY this yr and ms quah even misspelt napfa, best..
comin to think of it it's really fast. it's as if internship's comin to an end soon. even before it ends, it's alr significant how many have changed.
i am not one of them. sometimes i wonder if it'll be less tirin if i stop resistin the changes, i have to grow up afterall. when if not now?
i got so much to say but too lazy to type, so be it....
i wanna shop, wanna go holiday but.. i cant decide if i wanna do it alone or w company.. maybe i shud just get my ass down to studyin! exam's like less than 1 mth away now. BEST.
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228# one love

Nov. 8th, 2009 | 11:51 pm

love for contrast

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Oct. 29th, 2009 | 11:33 pm
music: Fight Song - Arashi

the yama pair's still the killa -.-
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Oct. 29th, 2009 | 12:20 am

just watched hisham's vid for the maldives ppl aka shaun and kim in this case. i thot twas SUPER sweet! i love how it sounded whn they went, "we'll be waitin for you here in Singapore" but right now all i wanna do's get outta here.. ironic.

there's more to it, those eyes
strange preferences
crazy childhood
didnt quite like sis's keep
simply shagged
ulcers KILLLLIN me
dont knoe how to get started on e-journal

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224# attempted

Oct. 21st, 2009 | 11:11 am
mood: contentcontent

cant say i didnt try. i mean the attempt was feeble but i tried. smiled, spoke up but well, i'm fine with the silence. keep it that way. i still believe it's a two-way prong, just me alone wont work, if she doesnt react then so be it. it'l end in no time so just let it be

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222# charm

Oct. 21st, 2009 | 12:01 am

i think ppl who works hard are sexayyy. this totally feels more like a tweet than an entry but i have no life to talk abt anymore, so just make do.

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221# craving

Oct. 18th, 2009 | 12:46 am

i feel like eatin gyoza now... and super delicious ones at that... I WANT TO EAT GYOZA!

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220# another nonsense entry

Oct. 8th, 2009 | 11:25 pm
mood: restlessrestless
music: Blue - Arashi

tsurakutemo, zettaiakiramenai, makenaide!

tanoshino, yadano, imiwakannai

sonotokini, nemasuwaseikainokotae, toomoimasu

blah.... i dont knoe what to type alr, i just rmbed i've yet to tell xuan what happened today but my hp's still chargin. contrast and balance.. hmm.. two v difficult words. i dont need the extra pressure and sometimes gd intentions become a burden, thats whn you wonder if you made the right decision. this is esp so whn you're havin pms at the SAME time. i've yet to bk bw for 24th and i shud be slpin now but my brain would rather i read. it's like my head's flooded with thots but i need find a channel or source to let them out... blahhhh.. tmr's fri, i wish i could say tgif but come mon i gotta restart again.

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Oct. 5th, 2009 | 08:00 am

it's one of those morn again, comin into the office earlier than usual just so i can have my own time before work starts. on the other hand it does get a lil depressin cos the enthusiasm suddenly dies down.. GREAT! THE COM BESIDE ME JUST TURNED ON BY ITSELF SUDDENLY!!!
it's what didi calls OSIM!!! tsk... slpiness's slowly creepin in but the coffee machine's not on!!! i cant have my hot choc =(((

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Oct. 2nd, 2009 | 02:55 pm
location: Command House

it's fri again, FAST and i'm, actually not really counting down to internship's last day anymore. i'm startin to love the logistics of this job. it is entirely different from VO's but it's MEGA FUN! now i wanna be sth like a learning officer too! hahaa! cos it is MEGA FUN! there is lesser f&b involved cos we have our own f&b team here but that kinda makes me miss SSM! cos the team here's not the jpl servers, ppl from les amis okays. hahaa!

OHOH! and my manager was once mr goh's student so it was DAMN funny whn we were sharin stories abt good ol' mr goh. lol. yeah, all my bosses rock! like they're really nice to talk to. my MD's this swiss guy, omg, his accent's nice, it's not the funny kind nor the one with slang, it's just different. swiss has very different accent. mayb the french would have accents like that too. hahaha! is it me or are there SO MANY swiss in the bank industry. i mean of cos there are other nationalities and all but alot of the swiss are holdin onto high posts in the bankin industry. my only explanation's like oh, there's the SWISS bank which is super well-known. hahaa!

oh yes, and my MD's nice person and super knowledgeable tho he looks damn joker. like he'd alws have facts and researches to back his convo, it's not the borin ones but those whr you go ohh... i didnt knoe that. hahaa! it's no wonder why he ALWS asks why. it's super interestin to talk to ppl like that cos i love to read all the nonsense researches that the papers used to write abt and start wonderin abt it. well, the papers still publish those but i hardly read now. hahaa! it's the first time i come across ppl like that cos i dont knoe, it is not often that i talk to ppl who start quotin me research in a not boring way!

all the long hours in office has trained me to type really well and really fast, not super speed but so much better compared to before. this whole wk's nth but all praise for work. i did screw up big time durin mon but things started pickin up, mayb it's MY month so YAY! hahaha! ok, mayb i shudnt be happy so early yet. lol. work's startin to pile up, as much as there is extreme amount of stress, i'm actually likin it cos i am beginnin to learn to control my fear for failure, it's really the stupidest thg to me. so now i'm doin thing with more courage but alws double confirmin whn i am not sure. i am learnin i am learnin. hahaha!

janice said that nobod's gon wanna come work in command hse next time cos of the way i did my e-journal. hell no! it sounds so fun ok. i screwed up, too bad but it's a nice place to work and learn. hahaha! there is so many things to pick up from here but of cos it requires alot of observation, so i needa stop slpin with my eyes open. lol. and work is super fun here, i mean AFT we finish with the logistics that is. hoho.
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Sep. 30th, 2009 | 01:25 am
music: イチブトゼンブ - B'z

i'm havin major pms, i lost my ezlink AGAIN!
that totally spoilt my mood, recallin how i may have lost it might have helped me feel better slightly but i am still.. PISSED! tsk.
all i wanna do now's slp but i dont have time to! omg, and the second half of my wk's gon be events packed, i dont wanna think now.
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216# Intern

Sep. 22nd, 2009 | 11:10 am
location: Campus
music: Some Malay Song

it's me, myself and i in the office now. i am like tryin to update some admin stuff while readin the news AND postin this entry. i can multi-task! hahaa!

intern's slowly happenin for real, adel left, means i gotta get used to it by myself.. but i'm not exactly hatin it. to be honest, it's kinda nice but i just feel like the table on my right's kinda empty x( office isnt all quiet, i hate doin office job 'cuz it's all silence and indefinite stonin and myob and keyin in stuff, it's like this is ORQ (OMGGGG!). i dont mind the keyin in part but well.. y'knoe. my office has MUSIC! NICE music at that, malay, chinese, canton, you name it, we have it. oh, now only short of jap and tamil but it's ok, i am bein neutralised, so i am happy. hahaa! ppl in the office are outspoken so i can alws keep quiet and just listen, what they're talkin abt, i dont knoe, i just love hearin the noises, even if it is the sound of keyboards. hahaa! it's that kinda feelin whr i am able to stay within my own space and have activities goin on ard, i get real happy that way. hahaa! i am really too heck alr, it must be the ragin male hormones. hahaha! like i just wanna keep workin. lol. but i can imagine didi bein ard and nudgin me askin what they are talkin abt. gosh. I MISS JUST D!

i think i will learn the real meanin of hospi here. hahaa! and alot of things here is abt balance. this wk's kinda slow 'cuz there's only one event but i gotta rmb to cater food for nxt wk. and i gotta learn to be more outspoken, i cant just only speak whn i serve or entertain!!! 'cuz thats totally all i do last time, now, i gotta learn to interact, not just with besties only. i was observin the whole wkend (observin myself's damn weird but i did). whn i'm with besties i am just a freebird. hahaa! whn i am with ppl i dont really knoe, unless i have to entertain them, i just give them the stone look and i have a guailan face which makes it worse. hahaa! this 5 mths will prove to be worthy.
this wkend was fruitful 'cuz i managed to meet up with most of besties. i hafnt got the chance to meet sher 'cuz of raya but we shud be meetin this wed, i hope i am not too shagged xDD
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215# events

Sep. 16th, 2009 | 10:29 pm

adrenaline rush
whr is the chivalry!?
cute but yucks
work, work and more work
feedin on the right forces
TOUR! =((
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Sep. 13th, 2009 | 11:03 pm
music: Re(mark)able - Arashi

i'm still sick, stupid stomach, it's totally causin a revolt.
fb isnt helpin much either, somehow i just cant upload my pics. grrhh..
i'll be beginnin work in another less than 12hours.. it's not that bad but i am more worried about my tour..

the wkend's been great, meant up with dcks and yin, AFT the kids' match and i was pure disgust.
the weather that day was HORRID, plus i decided to defend them while they warmed up so i was totally perspirin like an idiot.
the horrible weather gave me a tan!
not that i hate it but my tan alws lasts FOREVER!
and i had slippers' tanline this time too... blah!

met dcks first, before hittin town to meet yin.
i was SUPER dressed down (waddya expect, i gotta get dressed at 7plus in the morn whn i'd only hit the sack at what, 2am? NO WAY!) and they were super glam. hahaa! but the day was still super fun. got myself a bk and mag BUT i left it in dcks' shoppin bag. ugh. genius.

supposed to meet penji and din to go for clara's perf BUT thats whn my stomach decided to act up, i was SO glad i was home by then. in the end, didnt managed to meet up with them x( nvm, nxt wk we'l meet for WINE!!! xDD
i think twas just a bad case of gastric, and it lasted till two, horrible!
i just spent my time youtube-ing the whole time, watchin Sho babysittin the babies. omg, i think guys who can make babies fall aslp in their arms are HOT! hahaa! HUP-ing,'s the best cure for sickness!

anw since fb's bein sucha bitch i'l just post pics up here but only 2, i'm too lazy to post more.

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213# GS

Sep. 9th, 2009 | 08:08 pm

it all started with this.... this is gon sound damn sick but it's either their dicks are all TOO puny or their graphics and chereograph's so good, they managed to make sure there is no exposure. i KNEW the name DJ OZMA sounded damn bloody familiar and true enough, he is in the followin three vids, it's THE bomb la (mayb not the last one but the first two's super funny). i dont understand shit but the vid is super addicted crack. i actually think their voices were decent, at least no crackin voice or like out of tune.
and before that i was still sms-ing adel, talkin abt armpit hair and what not. i hope she doesnt think the singers are real women. hahaa! btw the youngest lookin of the tranny grp is the singer in the link. hahaa! this is just TOO GS to be lj-cut.
sher, you can watch this to cheer up la huh. you can HUP them if you want. hahaa!

usual complainsCollapse )

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Sep. 7th, 2009 | 10:15 pm
mood: amusedamused

anybod watched the news?! a grp of LOCAL boys ageing between 13 to 16, OLD ENOUGH TO THINK! actually committed suicide believin that they'd be revived with extraordinary powers. i dont knoe what to say. seriously STUN..

i kinda had enough with ppl dissin my choice of watchin jap variet, fine, my sense of humour got influence, WHATEVER, i've alr lj-cut these, so..

dont click if you dont fancy jap, i've alr warned youCollapse )

it's either SIP stressin me up too much or these two clips were REALLY classic. thanks to stillsubarashi (YT) or cuteyamapi07 (vox) for subbin, LOVE!

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210# I Am My Everything

Sep. 7th, 2009 | 09:53 pm
mood: artisticartistic
music: Boku ga Boku no Subete - Arashi

I Am My EverythingCollapse )

i wonder what took me so long to appreciate this song, i knew of its existence but i was quite against it because i thot its title was super anyhow cos there was a little too many bokus. hahaa! but somehow i heard it on iTunes shuffle and decided to google its lyrics and i loved it and its tune.

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207# bloodtypes

Aug. 30th, 2009 | 03:41 am
music: Size - Ohno Satoshi

it 4plus and i still cant slp since i am REALLY bored and i read an interview abt jun bein Rhesus negative instead of A (translation credit to saladesu) i decided to do some research on bloodtypes and true enough it turns out to be REALLY entertainin. lol.

firstly, a vid i watched some time ago. it seriously cracked me up, the kids were SO adorable the way they reacted.

mini projCollapse )

i ASSUME belong to Type B cos daddy's B and mommy's O so there's no way i can be anythg other than B since mom said i am not O unless my mom had me from one of her affairs. i actually listed both B and AB cos for some parts i think the AB traits apply more to me. since there is actually no concrete proof that bloodtype's actually related to character, so it's possible for both to apply to me. lol. another interestin thg that i actually found from this simple research's that Naruto, the anime character's actually a Type B but seriously, WTF! why in the world do they have to allocate a bloodtype to him?! he's a manga CHARACTER right?! the japanese are too serious...

this concludes my mini proj~! xD

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206# tattoo that

Aug. 28th, 2009 | 10:42 pm

i'm finally free from exams but i dont wanna slp early cos i wanna slack ard and relax more. still, i think my body's at its limits. i gotta rmb i need go shoppin tmr!!! shoppin for corporate...... the day's mood sddnly took a 180d turn, not exactly for the worse but just one whr i need spend a lot of energy on thinkin and analyzin.
i cant say the part abt not gettin my pay today did nth to contribute to my foul mood but it wasnt that great an effect tho i am STILL pissed. i mean the lady prolly didnt mean it and i really wasnt on form today for tuition COS I AM FREAK TIRED! and she said she'l pass the money to my sis, imagine my face whn my sis said she didnt knoe and the lady didnt pass it to her. the face that says, "WHAT!? ME MONEY NO?!" grrh!

i wanna have it tattoo-ed, niau desukara

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